Spanish Soccer Tours: Spend 7 Nights in Barcelona

Barcelona soccer toursEvery year, it’s estimated that 25 million children play soccer around the globe. Though soccer may not be as popular in the United States as it is everywhere else, it is still played and enjoyed by children throughout the country both in and out of school. There are about 500,000 high school kids in the U.S. that play soccer — and that’s not even to mention the thousands more soccer players who play outside of high school!

For aspiring young soccer players in the U.S., an international soccer tour is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Playing soccer in a different country will open the eyes of passionate young soccer players and show them what the world has to offer.

Take Spain, for example. Spain soccer tours are phenomenal considering the country is wild about soccer. Having won the FIFA World Cup in 2010, Spain hosts some of the best soccer players (and fans) in the world. Every year, Barcelona is a popular destination for young American soccer players. For seven nights, soccer players can explore Barcelona and everything it has to offer. The wonderful Catalonian food. The rich cultural heritage. The shopping centers, beautiful beaches, etc. — everything a young person (a soccer player or otherwise) could possibly want!

Of course, the players will have the opportunity to play four full games against local youth soccer teams. They will also have the privilege of attending two training sessions with members of the world famous Spanish Soccer Federation coaching staff. Before attending a Soccer Federation game at the Camp Nou Stadium, the kids will have a chance to tour it!

The Barcelona soccer tour is truly one of a kind! For more information about it, feel free to leave a comment or question for us.