Get the Best of Both Worlds With International Soccer Tours

Fan tour milanIn terms of players, soccer is one of the most popular and universal sports in the world. More than 240 million people play it regularly, according to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). That includes 25 million children. In the United States, close to 13 million people play outdoor soccer, and kids are especially enamored with it. In high school alone, more than 209,000 girls and 284,000 boys play soccer for their schools. Professional soccer may not have the same following in the U.S. as, say, basketball and (American) football but it is still in high regard. The U.S. loves its sports in general!

For young soccer players, the sport teaches them invaluable lessons that they will need when they grow up: teamwork, honesty, integrity, respect, discipline, patience, hard work, etc. Not only do kids have fun when playing soccer, they develop skills that will come in handy in more than one way. Coaches realize this potential, which is why international soccer tours are so wonderful for aspiring young soccer players.

International soccer tournaments and tours give kids the best of both worlds (no pun intended). They pursue the sport they love and engage players from all corners of the world. Many countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, and Brazil take soccer incredibly seriously — so much so that it is almost a religion! Kids will certainly take away a thing or two about soccer from these trips.

In addition, international soccer tour packages expose children to more than just soccer. They expose them to the world. When they are not playing soccer, the kids (and their chaperones) can explore the area. Go to museums. See historical sights. Eat the local cuisine in restaurants or (in coastal regions) relax on the beach. Talk to the people — even if they don’t speak English! Global soccer tours show young players what the world truly has to offer.

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